Dec 06 2018
We are aware of the recent connection issues to the Brazilian world Demera. We have already ordered a dedicated from another company that will be tested out before the end of the week. The amount of problems caused in the current Brazilian host is not acceptable.
Dec 05 2018
Rules of MasterCores have been updated! you may want to take a look so you wont accidentally break one and get punished for it!
Rules that has been modified: 1d, 2c, 2g.
Rules that have been added: 3e, 3f.
Dec 01 2018
The internet cable that goes undersea between Australia and Asia have been damaged which was the reason for the many issued Canera had few days ago. The traffic to Australia was rerouted until the cable has been repaired.
Nov 26 2018
We have confirmed connection issues to Canera (Australian world), we are in contact with the hosting company to get this resolved ASAP.
The downtime since server-save is caused by slow transfers for updated game files which is required for the world to be able to be functional with some internal updates.
Nov 24 2018
We will NEVER reset any of the worlds! If you hear rumors saying otherwise go ahead and tell them they're dead wrong!
Changelog: Latest entry was made 2 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 6 hours ago.
World Information
World Name:Benera
Players Online:39
Online Record:282 (November 16th 2018, 21:57 CET)
Launch Date:October, 2018
Location: America, New York
Next Server Save in:21 hours, 11 minutes, 42 seconds
Players Online
Amirax19Elite Knight
Artisen76Elite Knight
Clark Olofsson89Royal Paladin
Dekery14Master Sorcerer
Diplo49Elder Druid
Exean28Master Sorcerer
Faulz105Master Sorcerer
Forgiven57Master Sorcerer
Ghostinc18Elder Druid
Greenery26Elder Druid
Gutimstrong25Elder Druid
Jan The Dogs102Elite Knight
Jonnyfeelgood16Master Sorcerer
Kickilicious53Royal Paladin
Maliken11Elder Druid
Mantos57Master Sorcerer
Misco Jouns51Elder Druid
Monkey Bone42Master Sorcerer
Navyush58Elder Druid
Ned Stark96Elite Knight
On Benera52Master Sorcerer
Peew27Master Sorcerer
Perpetual67Royal Paladin
Phazeshift37Elite Knight
Pierdoly26Master Sorcerer
Pinecone Moonshine125Elite Knight
Porc27Master Sorcerer
Pzaat18Master Sorcerer
Rhaegal19Master Sorcerer
Ryuka35Elite Knight
Skyush58Elder Druid
Snok25Master Sorcerer
Strike39Elite Knight
Uhe27Elder Druid
Uma'Soul21Master Sorcerer
Waarax17Elder Druid
Wallayff12Elder Druid
Wasfgt18Master Sorcerer
Whysler90Master Sorcerer
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