Nov 11 2018
Due to a detection glitch in a new (not deletion active) antibot detection system Azera crashed earlier today. Due to this 2 days of golden account was added to all accounts of MasterCores.
Nov 11 2018
A detection tool has went rouge and detected proxies as bots, this has been fixed and the 8 accounts deleted due to it have been un-deleted.
Nov 05 2018
The datacenter of Demera is currently having some connection issues, they are working to solve the problem ASAP.
Oct 28 2018
Last night the clocks was changed from CEST to CET, (turning clock back 1 hour), with this server saves of the worlds will take place 1 hour later than normal. Clocks around website has been updated to CET.
Oct 25 2018
We've been under a lot of heavy attacks today, and we are constantly working on preventing them!
Changelog: Latest entry was made 1 day ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 11 minutes ago.

Nov 04 2018
Testera - A world of war
Today we have added a less serious world called Testera.
Anyone can login to this world by the character option: Character (Testera) in the client character list.

Testera is a world there people can make some fun fights while mana sitting/or whatever reason they may have.

The purpose of this world, is to Test the client in PVP-situations.
We will develop the client and test in on this world for more live-action which make it a lot easier to understand the clients flaw under stress.

Notice however, Testera is a unserious world, restarts can happen at anytime.
And the amount of players in Testera does not count towards MasterCores total number of online.
Testera is located in Germany.

If you have any opinions or other things to say about Testera, please keep it within this thread.
We don't want the boards of MasterCores to be drowned in subjects about this Test-World.
Two screenshots from Testera which I took a moment ago, with 107 players online.


Multi-Client rules does not apply to Testera.
You are fully allowed to have 2 characters online in MasterCores worlds + 1 in Testera at same time.
Nov 02 2018
Experimental Performance Update 2018-11-03
Starting from server-save of November 3:rd we're going to have an experimental update.
The update is about smoothness for players in the game.
With step-laggs in focus.

We call it experimental because we're not sure of the impact it may have on the many players with various different speeds.
If the update doesn't work out and make things worse, we will reverse it to previous system.

However if the update would show up as an actual improvement, we'll continue from that point.

I hope you enjoy MasterCores and that you can notice we're contanstly working on improving MasterCores!

Nov 02 2018
Redskull Issue and Crashes Fixed!
There was a little mathematical error that made you able to get redskull with only 2 daily frags during certain situations.
This issue has been corrected and all redskulls have been removed from everyone who had it.
Note however, only the redskull was removed, not the frags!

Since our emergency update of October 31:st 21:50 CET we haven't had a single crash in any world!
By definition, the crash issue that haunted the worlds is now gone!

Since the crashes are now finished, we can actually move on and start improving MasterCores on more areas!

Oct 31 2018
Emergency Crashfix 2018-10-31 21:50 CET

We are launching an update-save for an emergency fix of the crash issues.

Thanks to a lot of research, along with modded codes and logs around the crash area, mixed with the Azera crash at 19:17 CET, we got a clue that lead us to the thing that causes the crashes.
So we have patched it, and will now update it to the game.

To calm players down about the "abusing crashes" thing.
The crash in question, takes randomly 1-5 minutes to trigger, along with that, it was only 1/10 chance it would go off.
With the frequent backup saves, every few seconds, chance to time in a crash for own personal gains in manner of items and values, is near impossible.

However, we've still had a track of possible dupes along with the crashes, and there are no dangerous dupes in any of the worlds.

I'm not going to say the crashes are fixed for real, we can only hope that tonights clue and patch, does the trick.
But the real answer, we wont get until the game haven't crashed for a few days, on all worlds.

So.. lets hope it's under control now, and that we're done with crashes.


Oct 31 2018
Crashes issues
As many of you probably know, we have some crash issues in MasterCores.

First off, don't worry about your exp/skill progress, the game is backupsaving so frequently that neither your char nor houses will face any crazy rollsbacks.
Second, don't worry about duping items, these crashes is not created by players directly, there's no "group" of people who crash the server to dupe millions of gp or items.
We've been monitoring item activity on daily basis and looking for possible duped items, but so far nothing dangerous has been found since we cleaned the game from the previous bank issue.

Now, to my point about the crashes..
Like a player could have asked: "Why don't you fix these ****** crashes!?!?!".
In the last month, we've had a few different types of crashes happening, and so far, all but one type have been fixed.
The one that remains, is one that seems to be incredible hard to solve, yet we're not giving up!

The crash is a memory crash, it crashes because it tries to delete something that isn't there anymore.
I've made a picture explaining a little what the crash is about.

As you can see, the entire game is made up of memory-slots.
And at some point, one of the slots goes corrupted which crashes the whole thing.

We have logs about crashes, but they don't point towards where the source of the problem comes from.
And we yet don't have any way to reproducing the crashes.
If we had, the crash would be fixed VERY quickly.

These crashes happens frequently in Azera/Demera (very populated worlds), but rarely happens in Benera/Canera.
Benera have had 2 crashes in total, in a month, Canera have had 1 crash in a months period.

Now since how hard this one have become, I've put a $500 bounty to whoever can get closest to a solution (even a critical tip would be enough to collect that bounty, as far it's helpful in finding the problem).
Now that's a lot of money and I've had multiple C++ devs taking a look at it yet nobody has come close to an answer what's causing it and how to prevent it.
And this is where logic plays in, some people think there's people abusing the crashes, but then.. who would not share their info how they crash a game for $500?
It's near impossible to dupe anything, and if it would happen I'd know about it and the player would get deleted if it happened multiple times, or just robbed of the items, if it was a one-time thing.

What happens to you during a crash?
practically nothing, your exp/skills/inventory and even house, will still have whatever it was before the crash.
However, a crash closes the game, meaning the floor is reset, so the only thing players really lose, is lootbags.
Which is why I'd recommend people not to keep valuable items on the floor, unless they're inside a house.
Additionally, if you're online during a crash, you will be sent to your temple for your own protection.
So you don't login to a monster area that's freshly respawned and risk dying due to it.

No matter what, I will never stop looking for a solution for this issue, and I hope you can understand the huge pressure this causes towards the staff.
And I hope you can enjoy MasterCores even thou our issues, and we all hope we find a solution soon!

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