Feb 18 2019
Character Transfers has now been opened in NON-PVP worlds.
Feb 01 2019
Canera is now back online after an issue at the hosting company that caused the dedicated not to reply to anything.
Dec 31 2018
Happy new year everyone! We hope that you'll have a good time and look forward to 2019!
Dec 26 2018
Testera is now back online and working as intended.
Dec 24 2018
Merry Christmas everyone! we hope you have a lovely Christmas!
Changelog: Latest entry was made 6 hours ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 8 days ago.

Feb 18 2019
Tutor Exam now available!

In MasterCores you can become tutor if you can prove you have a greater knowledge of the game.
As a tutor, you are highlighted in help channel and on the forums, have an extra channel for tutors there you can ask for assistance and you have the ability to report bugs directly in the game using a special window.

To take the exam, you need to fulfill certain requirements such as:

  • Must have played MasterCores for at least 2 months.
  • Must have a character of level 50 or above.
  • Must not have a criminal record.
  • Must have used the WebShop at least once.

Additional Requirements:

  • Must have in-depth knowledge of the game and rules.
  • Must have understanding for peoples different behaviors.
  • Must be polite.

If you think you have knowledge great enough to become a Tutor, you might want to take a look at the Tutor Guide and then, when you feel ready for it, start the exam on your account panel by pressing the button "Tutor".

MasterCores Staff

Feb 18 2019
MasterCores PVP-Enchanted worlds launching on March 1

On March 1, 16:00 we're launching our two first PVP-Enchanted worlds Gamora (EU) and Huntera (USA)!

A PVP-Enchanted world work much the same as an Open-PVP world with some small difference.
If the player you kill is at least 90% of your own level, you gain a part of the experience that player loses in the death.
In addition to that, the amount of frags for redskull/banishment is twice as high as on an Open-PVP world.

Frags to Punishment Daily Weekly Monthly
Frags to Redskull 6 20 40
Frags to Banishment 10 30 60

Character World Transfers:
Transfer between these two worlds will be possible since launch.
PVP-Enchanted world has the most loose PVP rules which means you can transfer away from PVP-E, but you can't transfer into one from PVP or NON-PVP worlds.

MasterCores Staff

Jan 18 2019
MasterCores are looking to hire Advertise Managers

MasterCores is now actively looking to hire advertisement managers.

As an advertisement manager you work with advertising MasterCores in any way you can imagine and that may bring result.
You decide yourself how to go through with it and how consistent you're going to be.

Being an advertisement manager has nothing to do with support or other things in MasterCores. Your only duty is to advertise the game.

The income of an advertisement manager is performance based. The better you do, the more you get paid!
Twice as good results yields double payment. As simple as that!
An advertisement manager position is fairly well paid.

The only requirement to be an advertisement manager is that your work shows result.

If you think you can reach out to many people, or that you have ideas how to make effective advertising, send us an application to become an advertisement manager!

Include in application:

  • Who are you?
  • Why do you think you'd be able to make a successful advertisement manager?

Send the application to: application@mastercores.com
Use the title: application advertise manager

MasterCores Staff

Jan 15 2019
You can now become a stream partner with MasterCores!


You can now become a stream partner of MasterCores.
Which means you have a chance to advertise your own stream, as you show support for MasterCores!

While streaming, you have have chance to earn a little shop points for yourself.
The amount of points earned is based on your viewer count and activity.

This isn't only good news for streamers,
But for anyone who's interested from time to time to check in who's streaming and what they're up to!
Many can probably relate to that checking out a stream might help the inspiration to grow what to do, or how certain areas looks or whatever other reason people have for checking up on a stream.

We hope this is something that will be enjoyed by the community!

MasterCores Staff

Dec 26 2018
MasterCores NON-PVP worlds launching in early January

On January 4, 16:00 we're launching our two first NON-PVP worlds Elana (EU) and Fidia (USA)!

NON-PVP worlds:
These worlds are perfect for you who are more of a RPG player than a PK player.
Of course these worlds offer guild wars for people who still at some point would like some PVP action.
But in general, people can play and mind their own business without being scared they might become a target of random killer players.

Character World Transfers:
Transfer from and to these worlds will not be possible for some time (this include transfer between them).
And notice, if you plan on transferring to them in the future, that you can only transfer characters to a world with equal PVP-restrictions or stricter.
Which means once you're in a NON-PVP world, you can only transfer to other NON-PVP worlds.

MasterCores Staff

PVP-E Worlds
Gamora (EU), Huntera (USA)
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