Nov 01 2019
Elana is back online after some host issues that caused it to go offline during the night.
Oct 04 2019
It's less than an hour left for Irida to come online and character creations of Irida has opened!
Sep 20 2019
MasterCores are in need of active tutors for the new world, which is why we now have lowered the delay between each exam to 12 hours, and the correct answer score to 25/30.
Tutor exam will continue with these settings until Sunday.
Aug 10 2019
Character world transfers of Hirana has been opened!
Aug 03 2019
Due to an issue with the update an additional save was necessary to correct mistakes, due to the additional downtime everyone have been compensated with 2 days of golden accounts which has already been added to everyones accounts.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 46 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 82 days ago.

Oct 12 2019
RetroCores for those who like more retro styled game!

I present to you, RetroCores, which is a sister-game of MasterCores.
It's the oldschool game for those who enjoy a more retro game style!

Note however, RetroCores will not affect progress nor development of MasterCores, and vice versa.

Please respect MasterCores public forums and do not discuss RetroCores related topics neither in the public MasterCores discord nor in MasterCores forum.
With exception of this thread.

And once again, MasterCores will NOT ever get shut down, nor reset!
Same will go for RetroCores!

MasterCores Staff

Sep 19 2019
Irida launching in Europe on October 4, 18:00 CEST

MasterCores has soon been officially open for almost a year,
(October 5 is the anniversary of MasterCores).

We've have experienced a lot through the past year, a lot of fixes and changes have been done as well to make sure MasterCores stay fun and unique.
(700 changelog entries in 1 year).

Along with changelogs, we've deleted 3,420 accounts for cheating during that year!
(avg 9 accounts daily through the entire year)

And we celebrate this achievement by opening a new world in Europe!

The new world Irida is launching on October 4 at 18:00 CEST.
The world is located in Germany, Europe.

Character creations in Irida will be opened one hour before the launch of Irida.

Hope you're all hyped for this new Open-PVP world!

MasterCores staff

Sep 15 2019
Update 1.48, Mounts and RPG

After some hard work, with many challenges, we can now present you with a new layer of RPG in MasterCores!
Mounts has arrived in MasterCores!

Go out and discover the hidden secrets in how to tame creatures so you can ride them on your trips!
After you've tamed one, ride it with pride, make people jealous of your RPG and taming skills!

In addition to the mounts, a lot of "background work" has been done as well to improve website and game performance.
Along with that we also made it possible to see ban/warning comments made by the staff (only new ones).
And ability to keep watching old cams even though the client communication was drastically changed with this update.

We're also proud to say that MasterCores has now been officially online for almost a whole year.
And I feel it's important, to once again point out that MasterCores will NEVER face any resets of any accounts nor characters, EVER!

We're happy to provide you with a game that's always online and available to everyone, there you never have to fear losses of items nor statuses!
We hope you enjoy MasterCores and will continue to do so for many years to come!

MasterCores Staff

Aug 08 2019
Website dedicated upgrade
Today we changed the dedicated for the website.
The new dedicated is more powerful than the old one and can handle requests quicker.

The reason for the upgrade is to make sure the gateway of MasterCores can always handle the pressure of a lot of people visiting, or even attacks.
We want to make sure we deliver the best possible experience to everyone!

This also means that clients will be updated when you restart it so it knows where to connect.

I hope that you enjoy MasterCores and will stay with us for a long time,
As promised, MasterCores stay stable, serious and never reset (10 months since official release and counting)
Aug 03 2019
Update 1.46, Loot Analyzer, Updated creature info on website

In this update we present you with a new feature in the client!
Loot Analyzer!
This little nifty feature will help you to determine easier if you went profit during your hunt without you having to take notes and use a calculator for every item you looted.
You have two ways to open the Loot Statistics window, by either it's button next to the Exp/h button, or by using CTRL + U.

In addition to the update, the creature section on the website was updated with more information to help both old and new players to determine how strong creatures are.
Creature information now displays how much a creature could combo you, and what their AVG round damage is (damage dealt every 2 seconds).

And also all creatures now display AVG loot value per killed creature, which help players to determine if it's profitable to hunt certain creatures consider level/skills and usage of supplies to kill one.


After that, I hope you've had a lovely summer, and that you can enjoy it a little more before we enter the peaking fall when everyone is back indoors grinding as crazy!


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