Apr 24 2019
Purchases made with PayGol yesterday during the domain-downtime have been corrected and points/logs have been added to the affected accounts.
Apr 15 2019
Today we had a little incident with a firewall in Gamora which caused the world to disconnect and block all connection for a few moments. The issue was resolved and Gamora is now back online.
Mar 31 2019
Today the time was changed from winter to summer time. (time moved forward 1 hour), which means server-saves will be happening 1 hour earlier from now on (10:00 CEST instead of 10:00 CET).
Feb 20 2019
All 10 spots of tutors have been filled and Tutor exam requirement has been set back from 27/30 to 30/30 to pass the test!
Feb 20 2019
MasterCores is in need of tutors ASAP, therefor the score to pass the tutor exam has been lowered from 30/30 to 27/30 and all previous test have been removed, the allowance of 3 invalid answers will remain until MasterCores has reached 10 tutors, after that the requirement is set back to full 30/30 score.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 8 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 2 days ago.

Apr 23 2019
Domain Provider Failure
UPDATE: domains are back online and the temp-launcher has been deactivated.

Today the provider of our domains (mastercores.com, darkot.net along others) has some DNS related problems which made the domains completely useless.

To work around this, we switch from domain to IP address until the problem is resolved.

The client of MasterCores rely on the domain to check for version and updates, which make you can't start the client.
However, if you download this temporary launcher and place it in same folder as where you normally start the client, you'll be able to start the client so you can login and continue to play.
temporary MasterCores launcher.exe

We hope this issue is resolved soon!

MasterCores Staff
Apr 11 2019
Tiny Update -Push & knight/paladin damages
Today we fixed an issue that came to my attention last night, which was about being able to push creatures even if they were trashed with items.

Along with this, we included a little update for knight/paladins damages.
The update will make the damages more stable (less random).

Apr 06 2019
DarkOT is being prepared to launch as a MasterCores sister-game
I've been working very building up a stable and strong DarkOT.
now, DarkOT and MasterCores are two completely different games in aspect how it should be enjoyed.
The general plan behind bringing DarkOT back from the yearlong sleep, is to amplify the fanbase.

DarkOT and MasterCores will walk hand-in-hand in advertising.
One offers a great RPG aspect and seriousness, while the other offers an easy game with
speeded aspect of grinding.

This means, that when people have gotten bored of grinding in MasterCores, would move over to DarkOT for some action.
Or when people get tired of the unserious aspect of DarkOT would move over to MasterCores for a better and prolonged RPG feeling.

DarkOT isn't about splitting the community in MasterCores, as some people might think.
It's about offering more variety of our games, an attempt to make our community not to get split towards our competitors.
And in general, making a bigger community between MasterCores and DarkOT.

Future of MasterCores
Some people have tried to start rumors that I abandoned MasterCores and used DarkOT as proof of it.
I haven't abandoned MasterCores, and never will, content updates are planned and will happen later on.
More places, creatures, items and quests will come with the next content update.

We're still planing on expanding our game around the world again, Australia, Asia, Brazil..
But those plans will have to wait until MasterCores has grown enough to be able to handle the costs and there's enough players to fill the worlds sufficient enough for a stable world-community.

People trying to make these rumors that I abandoned MasterCores, have done this before.
This is actually the third time they blame me for abandoning MasterCores since October.
First time was in December while I was focused on finishing the winter update (Heimdir).
Second time was when I didn't login anywhere for 4 days while being sick in Febuary.

To be honest, there will be times me/staff may appear gone for some time (days/weeks).
This doesn't mean me/anyone abandoned MasterCores, it just means that we're either having a little vacation or that we got our hands full elsewhere.

And now we're moving towards summer, which means internet will nearly die down because people are going to be trying to enjoy the summer and not sit on a screen all days.
For myself, I'm going to have vacation whenever the weather is pleasurable and then I'll be here working on MasterCores/DarkOT whenever the weather is crappy (rainy etc).

So please, don't panic because things may be slow sometimes, there will be plenty of times things move slow.
In general, October-February is peak times of activity, (which I'm almost working 24/7).
May-August is slow period, when not much happens on internet.
For fun, in November last year, I spent 450 hours working on MasterCores, a month fulltime job (40h/week) is 200 hours for a month.

I hope you guys understand what's going on, and that we will never close or abandon MasterCores!

Mar 29 2019
Longer Server-Save caused by problems during an update

During to the update scheduled for todays server-save a problem occurred in the automated systems that didn't pull the full update properly.

This caused the worlds to not be able to start up normally and all worlds were offline for 8-12 minutes instead of 5-15 seconds.
We're sorry for the longer downtime.

The problem have been located and fixed and wont happen again.
The update was mostly for background systems of the core game, but todays update also brought 2 "public" updates concerning POI shortcut along with a fixed soulfire rune.
Little more details about those 2 are available in changelogs.

MasterCores staff

Mar 21 2019
World merges successful
Today we merged:
Canera into Benera.
Demera into Benera.
Huntera into Benera.

After a consideration we decided to let Gamora stay as it is, but that it will get a downgraded dedicated instead to match the community that exist there.

Some of you brace the idea of worlds merging to make the population bigger within selected worlds.
However there's people who doesn't enjoy merges at all.

And just to make everyone understand, these merges have been very necessary for the survival of MasterCores.
We are securing the future of MasterCores so we can keep running even though that player activity will be smaller.
As usual, summers are often dead in the world of internet, people go vacation, enjoy weather and so on.
So we're expecting very little activity during the summer, but thanks to merges we'll get through it!

MasterCores will expand again, when the community is ready for it.

And for the Brazilian players, a world in Brazil will be happening in the future.
But please, if you really want worlds in Brazil, you need to show support for it as well.
Not only talking, Play in existing worlds until it happens!

Many people in Brazil think talk is enough to create a world in Brazil, it's not.
We've had a lot of Brazilians talking how "they would come back to a new BR world".
Stop talking, and login and play the game to show your support.
The more players online in MasterCores, the closer we get to opening up a Brazil world again!

A Brazilian world will happen again, when MasterCores bypass a stable 900 players online.
(900 is about the amount of players in MasterCores needed to be able to afford a Brazilian world, there most are golden accounts)

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