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Feb 20 2021
The issue we had that prevented players from logging in has been solved!
Feb 19 2021
We're currently having little background issues preventing people from login, you can bypass the issue by change your password to same you currently have, we're working to solve this issue as fast as possible!
Feb 08 2021
Today we released client version 1.61, if you're using Windows client it will automatically download itself. If you use other kind of client you may need to download the latest version!
Feb 08 2021
Zesoria has been closed and cleaned and being prepared for it's first official season!
Jan 31 2021
You're allowed to create character and try out the seasonal Zesoria, however keep in min that it's being BETA-TESTED!
Changelog: Latest entry was made 272 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 37 days ago.

Mar 07 2021
Update - Gardrium fixes

Gardrium is a very special boss and yesterday he did the very first appearance in Zesoria!

However, shortly after his arrival it was clear that there was a few problems with him, glitches if you will.
As a player that have never seen him before he was normal, but for more trained eyes he was very different.

We have fixed all the problems around Gardrium and will do a rematch with him tonight at 17:30 CET.

The following things were fixed in Gardrium:
He had problems switching between behavior styles which made him quite static and less intimidating.
He also suffered problems to speak which made him not to say a single word even though he's supposed to be a chatter-box.

-Experience gain:
Experience was not passed out as intended, players who suffered a death risked to stay without any experience gain even though if they fought bravely and returned to scene.

Upon his death, he's supposed to become a chest that all participants will be able to get their share of loot, however yesterday the box never appeared as intended.
Along with that, players who was fighting bravely against this terrible foe, if death would happen the player in question would lose a part or all chance at obtaining loot.
These issues have been fixed and a unlucky death will no longer stay in the way of claiming reward.

The Rematch
At 17:30 CET tonight Gardrium will return and players will again be able to fight this foe in his more natural state and with this time proper functioning rewards.
We've added a countdown on the right side of the website so everyone can estimate when Gardrium will appear.

The raid will also be announced ingame as traditional raids, but note that Gardrium is a mystery-boss that does not appear on website raid-lists.

Arm and supply yourself, muster your bravery for tonight you will stare death into his very eyes!

MasterCores Staff

Mar 06 2021
Update - Guild War with more settings!

We're happy to present you with our newly updated guild war options sheet and new features that give guilds ability to customize the wars to their liking!

In additional to the old options of kills, days and price, you can now chose settings for AOL/Bless, custom loss rates and even PVP-E rates!

General Information
Any active guild can invite another guild to a war.
They can do that on their guild panel, and set a limit of kills, length of the war and price.
The price is whatever any of the guild has to pay, to abort the war before it expires.
If any of the guilds reach the limits of kills, the war is over.

During war, you will not gain any frags for killed enemies.
You, and your friends will be wearing this symbol to let you know you're all friends.
While your enemy guild will be wearing this symbol to let you know all of them are enemies.

You can only start war with a guild that's active (has enough vice leaders and members to not have a disband warning).
A guild can only have 3 active wars at same time and while a guild is in an active war, no members can join/leave the guild.

Settings of War
When declaring war, you can chose which settings to use during the war, these settings are as following:

Max kills of war (1 - 1,000)
The guild who get the amount of kills first wins and the war is finished.

Price to abort (1 - 100,000,000 gp)
This is the price the guild have to pay to abort the war.

Max days of war (1 - 30)
This is the amount of days the war will last maximum in case no guild have reached the amount of kills.

Members allowed to join/leave during war (yes/no)
This define if players are allowed to join/leave a guild during it's active war phase.

Disable function of AOL/Bless (yes/no)
This will define if AOL/Bless will be working when being killed by enemies within the war.
If disabled AOL/Bless, the AOL will not break on death and might be dropped as loot, and blessings will not reduce losses and neither will they break.

Use custom item/exp/skill loss (default / 0 - 30%)
When using the default, losses will be just normal, based on player vocation and AOL/Bless.
When using 0% there will be no losses in neither items, exp or skills (AOL/Bless will not be used either).
When using anything between 1-30% the drop-chance of items will be exactly that value even if you're blessed or have promotion.
This also means that no matter your vocation or blessings, you will lose this very percent of your total exp/skills!

Gain exp from kills (no / 10-50%)
If you're using any of the value between 10-50% that means you'll gain those percent of the experience your enemy loses in a death.
During a guild war, there's no level limits on who you can gain experience from, however there's a few restrictions of how much you can gain and how many times.
When you kill an enemy and gain experience, you can never gain more than half of your own current experience.
You also lose 20% of the gained exp for every time you kill the same enemy, making after 5 kills you'll not get any more experience from that player until after server-save.

You can also find this information at About -War.

We hope this will appreciated and enjoyed and encourage more players to make more controlled wars!

MasterCores Staff

Feb 28 2021
Update - experimenting with better speed formulas

With today server-save a new speed formula will take place that will be experimental.

The problem have been for a little while that players get too fast which brights forth many various problems.
One of the biggest problem is the PVP aspect there it's close to impossible to aim runes at speedsters.
Second biggest problem is that higher speed make it harder to walk as intended, the character could easily overshoot where you planned to stop.

To address these issues we'll be experimenting with the speed formulas.

The current formula is quite easy, at lower levels the speed is exactly as it was before, but as you get higher and higher level you lose certain % of the speed based on your level.
At level 100 you're only 7.18% slower.
At level 150 you're 12.93% slower.
At level 200 you're 19.26% slower.

As you can understand, the higher level you get, the less "new speed" you'll get on your advances.
And as you can see, the new speed wont be that different, which is why it's experimental so we can try it out and find what's best for the game and everyone in it!

Any feedback is welcome on the topic!

MasterCores Staff

Feb 22 2021
Zesoria is now a free golden account world!

We're constantly working to make Zesoria the best possible for everyone!
And from today, everyone in Zesoria will have golden account as default, which means characters in Zesoria can take part in all golden account features without having golden account.

We hope you're all enjoying Zesoria!

MasterCores Staff

Feb 21 2021
Client update 1.63 - Freezes and performance in focus

Today we're happy to present you with a big step forward in manner of stability and performance of the game client!

We have finally solved the long plaguing and annoying issues with freezes that could happen to random players when crashing into things, mostly creatures.

If you're using Windows client it will download automatically when restarting it.
If you're using Wine or Linux client you have to download the client manually!

We hope you're enjoying the game!

MasterCores Staff

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