Dec 14 2018
On Monday, December 17 around 08:00-08:30 CET (05:00-05:30 eastern Brazilian time), Demera will be offline for around 10 minutes due to a network upgrade in the hosting company.
Dec 06 2018
We are aware of the recent connection issues to the Brazilian world Demera. We have already ordered a dedicated from another company that will be tested out before the end of the week. The amount of problems caused in the current Brazilian host is not acceptable.
Dec 05 2018
Rules of MasterCores have been updated! you may want to take a look so you wont accidentally break one and get punished for it!
Rules that has been modified: 1d, 2c, 2g.
Rules that have been added: 3e, 3f.
Dec 01 2018
The internet cable that goes undersea between Australia and Asia have been damaged which was the reason for the many issued Canera had few days ago. The traffic to Australia was rerouted until the cable has been repaired.
Nov 26 2018
We have confirmed connection issues to Canera (Australian world), we are in contact with the hosting company to get this resolved ASAP.
The downtime since server-save is caused by slow transfers for updated game files which is required for the world to be able to be functional with some internal updates.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 6 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 7 hours ago.

Dec 13 2018
Demera's official statement

Greetings Mastercorians !

Demera have been facing a lot of issues in the past few weeks. We are feeling very sick about everything going on there.
We have been working very hard to give the Brazillian community the best of the best possible game experience.
Sadly the Brazillian hosting company's aren't stable enough to handle the toxic behavior of ddossers....

Demera will stay online and is being handled and solutions for the game world are being explored.
In the very worst case, we have an backup plan to move it to the USA.. (not the same location as Benera)
We do hope everything will be solved as soon as possible.

We feel you, we hear you, we stand by you !

Dec 11 2018
Winter Update 2018 Teaser Screenshots


Dec 08 2018
Tiny Update -Death protection
Due to the many connection issues in Demera lately along with some connection issues in Canera we've added a system to protect against losses in case of a death near lagg situations.
This system is available in all worlds, in case of "rainy days"

Demera, Brazil:
This world had many issues with the old host which causes laggs, ping spikes and downtimes.
The host was switched yesterday and the issues was reduced by more than 90%
(we're still working on solutions to lower the chance of issues even further)

Canera, Australia:
This world didn't have problems until a damn submarine drove over the under-ocean fiber-line in the pacific causing network problems to near all the world

Protection system:
If you get disconnected monsters will ignore you
Additional to that, if you would die during heavy laggs, without getting disconnected, you wont lose any items, skills or levels

Dec 07 2018
Demera on new dedicated company

Demera have had a lot of issues with the old dedicated company.
random disconnects and latency spikes.

The last few days, the situation has been unacceptable, with a lot of kicks and latency spikes.
This caused me to try out another hosting company that seemed promising when I spoke with them.

The new dedicated was ordered on December 5 and arrived late during December 6 evening.
Today it was setup and installed to host Demera, which came online after 16 hours of downtime at 12:15 CET (early morning in Brazil).

We hope the new company have better quality in the networking than the old one has.
Keep in mind this is about Brazil, networks and companies aren't as developed there as in northern America/Europe which make it tricky to create stable services.

Anyhow we on MasterCores are always looking for better solutions and to work around problems and we sincerely hope you can notice how hard we're working to make MasterCores as awesome as possible for you.

Okay, enough of that.. lets get to the desert..

Due to the downtimes, disconnects and overall issues of Demera, we have added 3 days of golden account to all accounts of MasterCores.
And to add extra cake on the wounds, Demera will have a few days of 50% experience bonus for the lost "playable" days.

All monsters in Demera will yield 50% more experience until server-save of Monday, December 10.
Note that this exp event is only for Demera due to the many issues they've had to experience!


Edit December 7, 18:58 CET:
I'm in contact with the hosting provider and I received this quote:
"Really sorry about this. I promise this is not indicative of our network stability, as the problem did not appear until the port speed was updated from 10Mbit to 100Mbit. I'm opening a ticket for you now with our network administrators to correct the issue"

Edit December 7, 19:33 CET:

Demera is stable again, I'm waiting to get an official quote from the hosting company to show you this was just a one-time badluck accident that caused the downtime this time.
It will not happen again

Edit December 7, 19:44 CET:
Quote received:
Dec 06 2018
Demera issues

Demera have been under a lot of attacks and have been having a lot of connection issues lately.
We've been in contact with the hosting company to get this resolved.

At a moment, it seemed they solved it but that changed after 20 minutes of no issues.

Luckily, I've taken another steps meanwhile.. yesterday to be more accurate.
I've ordered a dedicated from another hosting company in Brazil that I'm going to test out.
The new dedicated haven't arrived yet, but should arrive tonight/tomorrow.

Once it come I will need a few hours to set it up, install everything needed and connect it properly, after that I will move Demera to it and we try it out.
Hopefully, that company can handle the attacks better.

There will be an exp even for Demera due to all lost "playable" days.
It will be 50% and will remain a few days, starting from when we have confirmed Demera is safe from connection issues.

Meanwhile I've made temporarily protection
If you lagg too hard, or get disconnected, the character will be kicked out of the game.

Edit Dec 07 2018 :
New dedicated for Demera has arrived and I'm working on setting it up so Demera can be transfered today.

Demera is back online!
I still have some work to do, if everything is fine within a few hours, the 50% exp event will start in Demera.
It will be announced once it starts.

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