Feb 20 2019
All 10 spots of tutors have been filled and Tutor exam requirement has been set back from 27/30 to 30/30 to pass the test!
Feb 20 2019
MasterCores is in need of tutors ASAP, therefor the score to pass the tutor exam has been lowered from 30/30 to 27/30 and all previous test have been removed, the allowance of 3 invalid answers will remain until MasterCores has reached 10 tutors, after that the requirement is set back to full 30/30 score.
Feb 18 2019
Character Transfers has now been opened in NON-PVP worlds.
Feb 01 2019
Canera is now back online after an issue at the hosting company that caused the dedicated not to reply to anything.
Dec 31 2018
Happy new year everyone! We hope that you'll have a good time and look forward to 2019!
Changelog: Latest entry was made 7 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 4 days ago.

Mar 21 2019
World merges successful
Today we merged:
Canera into Benera.
Demera into Benera.
Huntera into Benera.

After a consideration we decided to let Gamora stay as it is, but that it will get a downgraded dedicated instead to match the community that exist there.

Some of you brace the idea of worlds merging to make the population bigger within selected worlds.
However there's people who doesn't enjoy merges at all.

And just to make everyone understand, these merges have been very necessary for the survival of MasterCores.
We are securing the future of MasterCores so we can keep running even though that player activity will be smaller.
As usual, summers are often dead in the world of internet, people go vacation, enjoy weather and so on.
So we're expecting very little activity during the summer, but thanks to merges we'll get through it!

MasterCores will expand again, when the community is ready for it.

And for the Brazilian players, a world in Brazil will be happening in the future.
But please, if you really want worlds in Brazil, you need to show support for it as well.
Not only talking, Play in existing worlds until it happens!

Many people in Brazil think talk is enough to create a world in Brazil, it's not.
We've had a lot of Brazilians talking how "they would come back to a new BR world".
Stop talking, and login and play the game to show your support.
The more players online in MasterCores, the closer we get to opening up a Brazil world again!

A Brazilian world will happen again, when MasterCores bypass a stable 900 players online.
(900 is about the amount of players in MasterCores needed to be able to afford a Brazilian world, there most are golden accounts)

Mar 18 2019
World Merges

To ensure the survival of MasterCores a few world merges are necessary to lower the total cost of keeping MasterCores online.
For some of you this will be happy news since it will make the remaining worlds more crowded.
But it will also mean bad news for those who enjoyed their previous worlds.

Merges this week:
Canera will be merged into Benera.
Demera will be merged into Benera.
Gamora will be merged into Azera.
Huntera will be merged into Benera.

Houses will be left and emptied on the worlds that's up for merge (items sent to depot).
In clear worlds, houses in Azera and Benera is safe and will stay with current owners.

Some may wonder why Demera is being merged with Benera.
Demera is hosted in Brazil, which has a lot of problems with networking due to the cooperation corruption that has been going on for many years.
As shown for the last 5 months, Demera have had a lot of kicks, offline periods and other issues, which other worlds rarely have.
Also it has been many times there Demera was unable to communicate with the website multiple times.
Along with all issues, Demera is the most expensive world to keep online, (we're talking 700+ Euro/monthly).

Mar 01 2019
Spell Glitch
Due to a mistake made by me some time ago, but wasn't brought to my attention until tonight,
All spells was unintentionally free (no need to buy them).

This has been corrected and you will need to buy spells again in order to use them after next server-save.
As always, light (utevo lux) and light healing (exura) will still be free, however you still need to learn them from a spell-Npc.

This spell-mistake has been around in MasterCores for a few days, sadly nobody realized the mistake until the launch of the new worlds when new players were able to use spells without buying them.
Feb 18 2019
MasterCores PVP-Enchanted worlds launching on March 1

On March 1, 16:00 we're launching our two first PVP-Enchanted worlds Gamora (EU) and Huntera (USA)!

A PVP-Enchanted world work much the same as an Open-PVP world with some small difference.
If the player you kill is at least 90% of your own level, you gain a part of the experience that player loses in the death.
In addition to that, the amount of frags for redskull/banishment is twice as high as on an Open-PVP world.

Frags to Punishment Daily Weekly Monthly
Frags to Redskull 6 20 40
Frags to Banishment 10 30 60

Character World Transfers:
Transfer between these two worlds will be possible since launch.
PVP-Enchanted world has the most loose PVP rules which means you can transfer away from PVP-E, but you can't transfer into one from PVP or NON-PVP worlds.

MasterCores Staff

Feb 18 2019
Tutor Exam now available!

In MasterCores you can become tutor if you can prove you have a greater knowledge of the game.
As a tutor, you are highlighted in help channel and on the forums, have an extra channel for tutors there you can ask for assistance and you have the ability to report bugs directly in the game using a special window.

To take the exam, you need to fulfill certain requirements such as:

  • Must have played MasterCores for at least 2 months.
  • Must have a character of level 50 or above.
  • Must not have a criminal record.
  • Must have used the WebShop at least once.

Additional Requirements:

  • Must have in-depth knowledge of the game and rules.
  • Must have understanding for peoples different behaviors.
  • Must be polite.

If you think you have knowledge great enough to become a Tutor, you might want to take a look at the Tutor Guide and then, when you feel ready for it, start the exam on your account panel by pressing the button "Tutor".

MasterCores Staff

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