Jun 24 2019
Due to an update-mistake today at 10:00 CEST the game had to go offline for 2 minutes to correct the faulty update. All accounts have been compensated with 1 day of golden account.
Jun 17 2019
The past 12 hours 3 accounts was deleted by reason macro, the deletions was revoked and accounts restored due to a faulty system within the detection.
Jun 04 2019
Creating characters on the new world Hirana will be possible 1 hour before the world launches.
May 03 2019
Tomorrow, May 4, MasterCores will receive this years summer update. exact time is unknown but it will happen as early as possible during the day.
Apr 26 2019
The planned summer update will happen somewhere in May.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 4 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 9 minutes ago.

Jun 16 2019
Winners of 30 days VIP ExitLag giveaway

After the giveaway event, we now have our 10 winners of 30 days VIP access to ExitLag.

To win the event people were supposed to share their best picture of MasterCores and guess how many players would be online as maximum between server-saves of Friday and Saturday.

The winners guessed for numbers:

  1. (715 players) Hirudegarn #post.
  2. (700 players) Jowzdospost  #post.
  3. (666 players) Ruzem  #post.
  4. (657 players) Maninhos   #post.
  5. (637 players) Bot Cat   #post.
  6. (635 players) Betareticuli #post.
  7. (596 players) Winkipop  #post.
  8. (589 players) Blablamaster  #post.
  9. (532 players) Giooootk #post.
  10. (500 players) Javelin #post.

And this is the statistics showing the maximum number as 603 on 22:05 CEST:

Congratulations to our winners!
They will receive their 30 days VIP codes for ExitLag by mail (the mailaddress that their entered forum user has)


Jun 13 2019
30 days VIP ExitLag giveaway

I'm running a small giveaway of VIP access to the proxy ExitLag.

To have a chance to win a code for 30 days VIP access on ExitLag you need to do following:

  • Post your best MasterCores screenshot.
  • Guess how many players will be online at very maximum between Saturday and Sunday server-saves.
  • Input your screenshot and number guess before 10:00 CEST Saturday morning (server-save time)
  • Only 1 entry per person (yes, we'll know if you try to use proxy or similar).

The 10 closest to the right number will receive a code that they can use on ExitLag to activate a 30 days VIP access.
Winners will be drawn and contacted on Sunday, also all winners will be presented on the news.


Jun 11 2019
Hirana is growing!
Hirana is growing by every day!
And we'd like to thank everyone for giving Hirana and MasterCores a chance to show you just how serious and stable it is!

This is how the statistics of Hirana looks like after 4 days online:

MasterCores Staff
Jun 07 2019
Hirana is launching today!
Hirana is launching in just a few hours.
And of course character transfers to Hirana will not be possible for a great amount of time.
No other world will be able to influence Hirana for a really long time.

Creating character will be possible on Hirana when it's 1 hour left to the launch.

MasterCores Staff

Character creations for Hirana is now open!
Go ahead and create your characters!
Jun 02 2019
Hirana launching in Miami Florida on June 7, 18:00 CEST

The new world Hirana  is launching on June 7 at 18:00 CEST.
The world is located in Miami Florida of USA.

Hirana offers the greatest possible connection for south America (Brazil, Venezuela, more) from within USA borders with stable and affordable hosting.
This world isn't only good for south America but central and even big portion of north as well!

Character creations in Hirana will be opened one hour before the launch of Hirana.

Hope you're all hyped for this new Open-PVP world!

MasterCores staff
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