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Dec 15 2021
We are currently running a poll if we should launch second season of Zesoria unmanaged, you find it here.
Feb 20 2021
The issue we had that prevented players from logging in has been solved!
Feb 19 2021
We're currently having little background issues preventing people from login, you can bypass the issue by change your password to same you currently have, we're working to solve this issue as fast as possible!
Feb 08 2021
Today we released client version 1.61, if you're using Windows client it will automatically download itself. If you use other kind of client you may need to download the latest version!
Feb 08 2021
Zesoria has been closed and cleaned and being prepared for it's first official season!
Changelog: Latest entry was made 855 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 257 days ago.
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You can only vote once per account and IP addressnoneDecember 15th 2021, 17:10 CETDecember 16th 2021, 23:59 CET

Unmanaged season of Zesoria?
There's been lots of chatter, people who want MasterCores to release a new world.

But I regret to inform you that I don't have time to manage it.
I might be able to do a little but I can't guarantee anything.

So if Zesoria is to launch this year, it would be unmanaged.

What does unmanaged mean?
Very little management from admin, no updates or similar.
Only true emergency fixes will be done (etc, something goes terrible wrong, like world goes down).
No rule enforcement from staff when it comes to cheaters.
Only the !reportbot command and the automatic system that checks it will be enforcing rules.

If enough hit yes, well close the first season of Zesoria, and set it up to launch on Friday, December 17, 17:00 CET.
Info about refunds, skill-pools and more can be found here.

Would you like an unmanaged season of Zesoria?
Who knows, it might be extra fun as staff wont be there to hold your hand.
Results (140 votes)
Yes, launch second season of Zesoria unmanaged!
78.6% (110 votes)
No, wait until time to manage MasterCores exist!
15.7% (22 votes)
I don't know.
5.7% (8 votes)

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