Nov 11 2018
Due to a detection glitch in a new (not deletion active) antibot detection system Azera crashed earlier today. Due to this 2 days of golden account was added to all accounts of MasterCores.
Nov 11 2018
A detection tool has went rouge and detected proxies as bots, this has been fixed and the 8 accounts deleted due to it have been un-deleted.
Nov 05 2018
The datacenter of Demera is currently having some connection issues, they are working to solve the problem ASAP.
Oct 28 2018
Last night the clocks was changed from CEST to CET, (turning clock back 1 hour), with this server saves of the worlds will take place 1 hour later than normal. Clocks around website has been updated to CET.
Oct 25 2018
We've been under a lot of heavy attacks today, and we are constantly working on preventing them!
Changelog: Latest entry was made 1 day ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 11 minutes ago.
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