Dec 06 2018
We are aware of the recent connection issues to the Brazilian world Demera. We have already ordered a dedicated from another company that will be tested out before the end of the week. The amount of problems caused in the current Brazilian host is not acceptable.
Dec 05 2018
Rules of MasterCores have been updated! you may want to take a look so you wont accidentally break one and get punished for it!
Rules that has been modified: 1d, 2c, 2g.
Rules that have been added: 3e, 3f.
Dec 01 2018
The internet cable that goes undersea between Australia and Asia have been damaged which was the reason for the many issued Canera had few days ago. The traffic to Australia was rerouted until the cable has been repaired.
Nov 26 2018
We have confirmed connection issues to Canera (Australian world), we are in contact with the hosting company to get this resolved ASAP.
The downtime since server-save is caused by slow transfers for updated game files which is required for the world to be able to be functional with some internal updates.
Nov 24 2018
We will NEVER reset any of the worlds! If you hear rumors saying otherwise go ahead and tell them they're dead wrong!
Changelog: Latest entry was made 2 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 7 hours ago.
World Information
World Name:Azera
Players Online:129
Online Record:1,103 (October 29th 2018, 20:00 CET)
Launch Date:October, 2018
Location: Europe, Germany
Next Server Save in:20 hours, 50 minutes, 10 seconds
Players Online
Analizamelchoto27Master Sorcerer
Archmage Runemaker21Elite Knight
As Cia75Elite Knight
Bolek100Royal Paladin
Bonera92Elite Knight
Bunierinio24Master Sorcerer
Buoyancy21Elder Druid
Calineczka27Elder Druid
Chaoskrieger40Master Sorcerer
Cheating18Master Sorcerer
Ciura30Master Sorcerer
Coi Leray68Elite Knight
Curwa Kyrk20Elder Druid
Dorcik'Demolisher106Master Sorcerer
Down Archer96Royal Paladin
Draugas20Master Sorcerer
Druid Protector27Druid
Dziejson37Master Sorcerer
Ebenezer76Master Sorcerer
Ecal15Master Sorcerer
Emam Wordzop30Master Sorcerer
Esdek18Master Sorcerer
Etat Wordzop31Master Sorcerer
Exequtah18Master Sorcerer
Female Fireman52Royal Paladin
Femman19Elder Druid
Forgetty19Master Sorcerer
Freddie Freaker22Master Sorcerer
Goncur22Elder Druid
Goolman35Elite Knight
Grand39Royal Paladin
Gujurav31Master Sorcerer
Harry From Tibet21Elder Druid
Hollyweedandia48Master Sorcerer
Housekeeper27Elder Druid
Hunken31Master Sorcerer
Huvee17Master Sorcerer
Inkliuzas30Master Sorcerer
Isgama27Elder Druid
Kangaroo32Master Sorcerer
Kieto Parao49Elder Druid
King Minos69Elder Druid
King Sebus104Royal Paladin
Kiroy'Demolisher105Master Sorcerer
Koper68Royal Paladin
Kornelek100Elite Knight
Ks Paypal22Master Sorcerer
Labadz Znowu Ban25Elder Druid
Lillsnorre59Elite Knight
Losw15Master Sorcerer
Lustro25Master Sorcerer
Mailman55Master Sorcerer
Maric Grigovic44Elite Knight
Marvin Sutton52Elder Druid
Matka Na Plecach34Elder Druid
Mr Henk19Sorcerer
Mr Maks56Royal Paladin
Nedero24Master Sorcerer
Nervus37Elite Knight
Nieokrzesany18Elder Druid
Nividoko25Master Sorcerer
Nixon Ferare40Master Sorcerer
Nonsensical24Elder Druid
Nutteloos37Master Sorcerer
Nutteloos Sds29Master Sorcerer
Oponentka65Master Sorcerer
Pepa31Master Sorcerer
Petricor15Master Sorcerer
Pioter Demolisher120Master Sorcerer
Pisse Leif63Elder Druid
Pliastirnera39Master Sorcerer
Podazam Prosto30Royal Paladin
Polska Dziwka23Master Sorcerer
Pould22Master Sorcerer
Powrot Krola19Master Sorcerer
Qtyert8Master Sorcerer
Quel27Master Sorcerer
Quonochi38Master Sorcerer
Ramnor71Royal Paladin
Rekov47Master Sorcerer
Rising Beast77Royal Paladin
Roq Platynov17Master Sorcerer
Royal Bolt126Royal Paladin
Rucca18Master Sorcerer
Rude Wredne43Elite Knight
Santino15Elder Druid
Scoob22Elder Druid
Scum Gang40Royal Paladin
Semob21Master Sorcerer
Shion61Elite Knight
Sintos33Elder Druid
Siorcerka29Elder Druid
Sizaar66Elder Druid
Skullord105Royal Paladin
Slam Boy48Master Sorcerer
Snuten89Elite Knight
Sobot62Master Sorcerer
Spyke34Elite Knight
Swamp Pirate19Elder Druid
Szelma28Master Sorcerer
Szynalek64Royal Paladin
Tarapaty19Elder Druid
The Black Beast88Master Sorcerer
Vega Shard27Master Sorcerer
Vegan Butcheress20Elder Druid
Velsis105Royal Paladin
Ventas Serias24Elder Druid
Vezori Wariat44Master Sorcerer
Visx Core37Elder Druid
Visx Sniper60Royal Paladin
Von Mort49Royal Paladin
Wasg53Elder Druid
Wizja30Master Sorcerer
Wkelner29Elite Knight
Wtkaiz21Master Sorcerer
Yeebak20Master Sorcerer
Yuij28Master Sorcerer
Zardox26Elder Druid
Zjebany Zjeb33Elder Druid
Zwart75Master Sorcerer
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