Feb 20 2019
All 10 spots of tutors have been filled and Tutor exam requirement has been set back from 27/30 to 30/30 to pass the test!
Feb 20 2019
MasterCores is in need of tutors ASAP, therefor the score to pass the tutor exam has been lowered from 30/30 to 27/30 and all previous test have been removed, the allowance of 3 invalid answers will remain until MasterCores has reached 10 tutors, after that the requirement is set back to full 30/30 score.
Feb 18 2019
Character Transfers has now been opened in NON-PVP worlds.
Feb 01 2019
Canera is now back online after an issue at the hosting company that caused the dedicated not to reply to anything.
Dec 31 2018
Happy new year everyone! We hope that you'll have a good time and look forward to 2019!
Changelog: Latest entry was made 8 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 6 days ago.

Ankrahmun (Green djinn fortress)

Sell OffersBuy Offers
Dwarven Ring2,000
Energy Ring2,000
Life Ring900
Protection Amulet700
Ring Of Healing2,000
Stone Skin Amulet10,000
Time Ring2,000
Dragon Necklace100
Dwarven Ring100
Energy Ring100
Life Ring50
Might Ring250
Mysterious Fetish50
Protection Amulet100
Ring Of Healing100
Silver Amulet50
Strange Talisman30
Time Ring100

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