May 03 2019
Tomorrow, May 4, MasterCores will receive this years summer update. exact time is unknown but it will happen as early as possible during the day.
Apr 26 2019
The planned summer update will happen somewhere in May.
Apr 24 2019
Purchases made with PayGol yesterday during the domain-downtime have been corrected and points/logs have been added to the affected accounts.
Apr 15 2019
Today we had a little incident with a firewall in Gamora which caused the world to disconnect and block all connection for a few moments. The issue was resolved and Gamora is now back online.
Mar 31 2019
Today the time was changed from winter to summer time. (time moved forward 1 hour), which means server-saves will be happening 1 hour earlier from now on (10:00 CEST instead of 10:00 CET).
Changelog: Latest entry was made 15 hours ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 14 days ago.
Items > Rings
# Name Weight Additional
axe ring 0.90 Last for 30 min,
+6 axe skill.
club ring 0.90 Last for 30 min,
+6 club skill.
crystal ring 0.90
death ring 0.80 Last for 8 min,
+3% protection physical.
dwarven ring 1.10 Last for 60 min,
suppress drunkenness.
emerald bangle 1.70
energy ring 0.80 Last for 20 min,
gives mana shield.
gold ring 1.00
life ring 0.80 Last for 20 min,
+1 Hp / 2 secs.
+2 Mana / 2 secs.
might ring 1.00 Has 20 uses.
+25% protection all.
mortar ring 5.30 +2% protection energy.
+2% protection fire.
+2% protection poison.
power ring 0.80 Last for 5 min,
+5 fist skill.
ring of healing 0.80 Last for 8 min,
+1 Hp / 1 secs.
+2 Mana / 1 secs.
ring of the sky 0.40
stealth ring 1.00 Last for 10 min,
Make you invisible.
sword ring 0.90 Last for 30 min,
+6 sword skill.
time ring 0.90 Last for 10 min,
Speed +30.
wedding ring 0.40
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