Aug 10 2019
Character world transfers of Hirana has been opened!
Aug 03 2019
Due to an issue with the update an additional save was necessary to correct mistakes, due to the additional downtime everyone have been compensated with 2 days of golden accounts which has already been added to everyones accounts.
Jun 24 2019
Due to an update-mistake today at 10:00 CEST the game had to go offline for 2 minutes to correct the faulty update. All accounts have been compensated with 1 day of golden account.
Jun 17 2019
The past 12 hours 3 accounts was deleted by reason macro, the deletions was revoked and accounts restored due to a faulty system within the detection.
Jun 04 2019
Creating characters on the new world Hirana will be possible 1 hour before the world launches.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 1 day ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 1 day ago.
Items > Distances
# Name Attack Range Hands Ammo Weight Additional
bow 8 two arrow 31.00
composite hornbow 8 two arrow 52.00 +3 distance skill.
crossbow 7 two bolt 40.00
dynams crossbow 8 two bolt 70.00 +3 distance skill.
hunting spear 32 3 one 22.00
iron crossbow 7 two bolt 55.00 +2 distance skill.
mythic crossbow 7 two bolt 120.00 +4 distance skill.
royal crossbow 6 two bolt 120.00 +2 distance skill.
small stone 5 5 one 3.60
snowball 0 5 one 0.80
spear 25 7 one 20.00
throwing knife 25 5 one 5.00
throwing star 30 4 one 2.00
tyren bow 8 two arrow 31.00 +3 distance skill.
warsinger bow 7 two arrow 45.00 +1 distance skill.
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