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Jul 05 2020
World Transfers has now opened all worlds!
May 07 2020
An issue that caused website not to update itself in certain places was fixed today.
May 03 2020
Today we released client version 1.50 with focus on loot/task message customization. if you're using windows client it will automatically download the update, if you use Wine or Linux client you will need to download the update manually.
Mar 16 2020
The new worlds will launch a week earlier due to COVID-19 crisis to help out people stuck at their homes relax and having fun.
Mar 02 2020
Hirana have been merged into Benera and Irida have been merged into Azera.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 42 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 34 days ago.

Avg dmg/2 sec:298 hp
Max Combo:2,230 hp
Abilities:melee, physical, poison,
Mana Cost:-

Sounds:"Flzlzlzlzlzlzlz", "Rzlrzlrzlrzlrzlrzl!",
Immunities:poison, paralyze, outfit, drunk, invisible,

Tasks:Insects (500 kills)

They Carry: (common, semi-rare, rare, very-rare)
gold coin, platinum coin, meat, bone, torch, steel helmet, big bone, aspi arrow, poison arrow, small diamond, small sapphire, small ruby, small emerald, life ring, poison dagger, skull, small amethyst, knight axe, knight armor, knight legs, a strange symbol, terra amulet, tyren bow, grasshopper legs, green spell wand, hornet shield, anemia robe, crume boots,

Avg NPC Loot Value: 1,944 gp

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