Jun 24 2019
Due to an update-mistake today at 10:00 CEST the game had to go offline for 2 minutes to correct the faulty update. All accounts have been compensated with 1 day of golden account.
Jun 17 2019
The past 12 hours 3 accounts was deleted by reason macro, the deletions was revoked and accounts restored due to a faulty system within the detection.
Jun 04 2019
Creating characters on the new world Hirana will be possible 1 hour before the world launches.
May 03 2019
Tomorrow, May 4, MasterCores will receive this years summer update. exact time is unknown but it will happen as early as possible during the day.
Apr 26 2019
The planned summer update will happen somewhere in May.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 4 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 5 hours ago.

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Latest published Cams
Character World Date Created Duration Views Password
Anybody Level: 107 Elder Druid Hirana July 18th 2019, 03:15 CEST 2h, 58m, 36s, 19
snout task
Captain Planet Level: 122 Elite Knight Hirana July 17th 2019, 19:28 CEST 24m, 27s, 11
Anihilhator Done
Freesyncs Level: 127 Elite Knight Hirana July 17th 2019, 19:20 CEST 14m, 49s, 24
Anihi with 3 knight
Putti Plutti Pott Level: 155 Master Sorcerer Fidia July 16th 2019, 16:56 CEST 1h, 48m, 45s, 26
Ancient helmet quest by MS and EK
Ate Level: 192 Elder Druid Elana July 16th 2019, 14:23 CEST 59m, 53s, 21
Duo hunt at Dark Torturers POI Seal :>
Porky Level: 67 Royal Paladin Hirana July 16th 2019, 01:43 CEST 2h, 17m, 24s, 26
Ferumbras Tour Vacations
Ghastly Magician Level: 160 Master Sorcerer Elana July 15th 2019, 22:12 CEST 47m, 28s, 32
EK/ED/MS - Dynams.
Iron Man Level: 158 Master Sorcerer Elana July 14th 2019, 16:38 CEST 1h, 6m, 50s, 29
Crazy magician and perfect knight at nightmares
Yte Level: 37 Sorcerer Elana July 12th 2019, 17:52 CEST 15m, 56s, 32
How to cope with lack of sorcerers :> POI access
Wreckr Level: 152 Elite Knight Benera July 8th 2019, 17:32 CEST 15m, 23s, 49
Digging under the Revendel Cemetary
Winkipop Level: 60 Elder Druid Hirana July 11th 2019, 01:39 CEST 1h, 38s, 23
Tough times finishing hydra task
Anybody Level: 54 Elder Druid Hirana July 8th 2019, 17:06 CEST 3m, 2s, 23
Morze Baltyckie Level: 117 Elite Knight Hirana July 10th 2019, 17:33 CEST 51m, 58s, 65
ban for use mana fluids gj server haha
Despax Level: 121 Master Sorcerer Hirana July 7th 2019, 17:10 CEST 2h, 2m, 39s, 52
hff hunt
Ate Level: 189 Elder Druid Elana July 7th 2019, 20:46 CEST 1h, 26m, 22s, 97
Heimdir Quest :>
Amplatz Level: 159 Master Sorcerer Elana July 7th 2019, 11:17 CEST 21m, 11s, 48
Grims + demons, checking spawn ;)
Bunda Louca Level: 77 Paladin Benera July 7th 2019, 00:54 CEST 48m, 31s, 28
Wreckr Level: 151 Elite Knight Benera July 6th 2019, 23:16 CEST 1h, 29m, 10s, 59
Grinding ranork task
Gwenn Grinchy Level: 117 Elder Druid Fidia July 6th 2019, 17:43 CEST 3m, 56s, 70
Selling one days worth of rare demon loot.
Paszulewicz Level: 165 Royal Paladin Elana July 6th 2019, 17:12 CEST 16m, 49s, 47
My cat took control of the character and ran into TP ... Sorry guys: D
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