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May 07 2020
An issue that caused website not to update itself in certain places was fixed today.
May 03 2020
Today we released client version 1.50 with focus on loot/task message customization. if you're using windows client it will automatically download the update, if you use Wine or Linux client you will need to download the update manually.
Mar 16 2020
The new worlds will launch a week earlier due to COVID-19 crisis to help out people stuck at their homes relax and having fun.
Mar 02 2020
Hirana have been merged into Benera and Irida have been merged into Azera.
Feb 18 2020
Beware, Somewhere in March, we're going to need to shut down entire MasterCores for a couple of days for extended maintenance work and upgrading the whole game, website and client to be as smooth, strong and protected as RetroCores.com is!
Other than that, there's not any changes in the game as how to play it, rates or anything about it, the update is ONLY about smoothness, stability and defenses against attacks.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 32 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 14 days ago.

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Latest published Cams
Character World Date Created Duration Views Password
Ghendaulf Level: 156 Master Sorcerer Fidia June 2nd 2020, 01:00 CEST 1h, 23m, 2s, 15
ambushed by some pets /goto 4940
Tiideus Level: 96 Druid Benera May 27th 2020, 08:03 CEST 50m, 13s, 8
Rukko Level: 175 Elder Druid Fidia May 27th 2020, 04:23 CEST 2h, 56m, 39s, 10
Garadarth + Ferumbras + Dynam Lord
Klotbas Level: 236 Royal Paladin Azera May 25th 2020, 22:14 CEST 27m, 1s, 20
solving secret, killed by no fire only monster: May 25th 2020, 22:13 CEST Killed at level 237 by a Spectre, assisted by Demon Skeleton (...)
Stirante Level: 130 Master Sorcerer Kanera May 21st 2020, 22:52 CEST 1h, 53m, 23s, 15
Heamana Level: 109 Druid Janera May 23rd 2020, 22:17 CEST 37m, 22s, 15
Dh quest janera
Illi Level: 81 Sorcerer Fidia May 19th 2020, 02:38 CEST 4m, 59s, 11
How not pickup ur loot after die
Uru Level: 132 Master Sorcerer Janera May 18th 2020, 23:05 CEST 26m, 1s, 12
Uru Level: 132 Master Sorcerer Janera May 18th 2020, 23:06 CEST 1m, 41s, 5
Runador Brabo Level: 101 Elder Druid Kanera May 16th 2020, 23:21 CEST 9m, 17s, 12
Chernobog Level: 192 Elder Druid Kanera May 15th 2020, 00:06 CEST 8m, 46s, 19
kanera mage anni
Alexander Galant Level: 144 Elite Knight Janera May 12th 2020, 04:50 CEST 1h, 10m, 24s, 43
Never leave 3 ranorks behind when you're alone. /goto 2875
Rukko Level: 168 Elder Druid Fidia May 11th 2020, 17:55 CEST 1h, 26m, 31s, 1
bunch of random tasks
Rukko Level: 168 Elder Druid Fidia May 8th 2020, 01:20 CEST 2h, 11m, 29s, 10
You have finished the task to kill 6666 demons.
Rukko Level: 166 Elder Druid Fidia May 6th 2020, 02:27 CEST 7m, 46s, 15
Ferumbras Hat addon!
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