Nov 01 2019
Elana is back online after some host issues that caused it to go offline during the night.
Oct 04 2019
It's less than an hour left for Irida to come online and character creations of Irida has opened!
Sep 20 2019
MasterCores are in need of active tutors for the new world, which is why we now have lowered the delay between each exam to 12 hours, and the correct answer score to 25/30.
Tutor exam will continue with these settings until Sunday.
Aug 10 2019
Character world transfers of Hirana has been opened!
Aug 03 2019
Due to an issue with the update an additional save was necessary to correct mistakes, due to the additional downtime everyone have been compensated with 2 days of golden accounts which has already been added to everyones accounts.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 46 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 82 days ago.

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Latest published Cams
Character World Date Created Duration Views Password
Szakal Mag Level: 89 Master Sorcerer Fidia December 8th 2019, 00:01 CET 1h, 30m, 26s, 1
Bananacup Level: 62 Royal Paladin Fidia November 25th 2019, 15:51 CET 1h, 25m, 21s, 11
orc fort, blue djinn quest
Rukko Level: 134 Druid Fidia November 6th 2019, 14:23 CET 1h, 39m, 49s, 23
EK & ED Insects Hunt
Rukko Level: 126 Elder Druid Fidia October 21st 2019, 14:33 CEST 1h, 46m, 55s, 15
Random Quests + Exploring (Obsidian Knife, Revendal & Heimdir)
Rukko Level: 123 Elder Druid Fidia October 11th 2019, 14:08 CEST 5m, 36s, 14
Full druid outfit :D
Rukko Level: 122 Druid Fidia October 7th 2019, 14:10 CEST 1h, 19m, 45s, 11
Random Quests + Exploring (Deeper Fibula, Outlaw Camp & Dark Pyramid)
Rukkogaard Level: 29 No Vocation Fidia October 5th 2019, 00:51 CEST 36m, 36s, 27
Executener Quest done!
Moselan Level: 24 No Vocation Fidia October 3rd 2019, 00:00 CEST 6m, 55s, 24
3rd time trying Executener Quest (1st time after this new life fluid was implemented)
Rukko Level: 121 Druid Fidia October 2nd 2019, 16:23 CEST 1h, 49m, 48s, 10
Random Quests + Exploring (Mad Mage Room, Paradox & Draconia)
Agricultorzin Level: 26 No Vocation Fidia October 1st 2019, 01:51 CEST 48m, 58s, 36
type goto/ 1950 for first executener quest ever :D
Rukko Level: 121 Druid Fidia September 28th 2019, 15:31 CEST 33m, 3s, 36
4 mage Annihilator
Albon Druid Level: 173 Elder Druid Hirana September 28th 2019, 17:02 CEST 41m, 21s, 33
swordy Ek 125 solado in 1371 xD
Magnodoc Level: 210 Elite Knight Fidia September 27th 2019, 16:27 CEST 16m, 48s, 23
Acquiring terror bird mount
Rukko Level: 119 Druid Fidia September 24th 2019, 15:11 CEST 39m, 58s, 8
Random Quests + Exploring (Edron Goblins, Hero Cave & Dragon Lair)
Albon Druid Level: 170 Elder Druid Hirana September 24th 2019, 04:28 CEST 32m, 55s, 46
Jack Abuse Trap red nd 4mc
Rukko Level: 113 Druid Fidia September 23rd 2019, 16:04 CEST 2h, 33m, 9s, 7
Random Quests + Exploring (Shadowthorn, Mount Sternum & Ancient Temple)
Rukko Level: 113 Druid Fidia September 23rd 2019, 04:16 CEST 46m, 29s, 13
Random Quests + Exploring (Jakundaf, Femor Hills & Carlin)
Mackie Level: 81 Elder Druid Elana September 22nd 2019, 21:18 CEST 1h, 3m, 8s, 24
making horse mount mission, /goto highlights: 150, 1400, 1690, 1860, 1895, 2130, 3190, 3380
Rookstayer Jason Level: 15 No Vocation Fidia September 20th 2019, 03:49 CEST 2h, 21m, 32s, 18
Rookgaard Action on Fidia! Managed to complete and clear the minotaur hell quest. (Best played with RPG Music)
Yaumus Ethagon Level: 39 No Vocation Benera September 19th 2019, 17:46 CEST 1h, 17m, 35s, 10
Collected 2,000 gold coins!
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