Dec 06 2018
We are aware of the recent connection issues to the Brazilian world Demera. We have already ordered a dedicated from another company that will be tested out before the end of the week. The amount of problems caused in the current Brazilian host is not acceptable.
Dec 05 2018
Rules of MasterCores have been updated! you may want to take a look so you wont accidentally break one and get punished for it!
Rules that has been modified: 1d, 2c, 2g.
Rules that have been added: 3e, 3f.
Dec 01 2018
The internet cable that goes undersea between Australia and Asia have been damaged which was the reason for the many issued Canera had few days ago. The traffic to Australia was rerouted until the cable has been repaired.
Nov 26 2018
We have confirmed connection issues to Canera (Australian world), we are in contact with the hosting company to get this resolved ASAP.
The downtime since server-save is caused by slow transfers for updated game files which is required for the world to be able to be functional with some internal updates.
Nov 24 2018
We will NEVER reset any of the worlds! If you hear rumors saying otherwise go ahead and tell them they're dead wrong!
Changelog: Latest entry was made 2 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 6 hours ago.
5a ** Account Trading or Sharing Offering account data to other players, accepting other players' account data or allowing other players to use your account.
Account trading:
You are not allowed to sell your own account or to give it away for free. Vice versa, you must not buy another players' account or accept their account data. This also includes not to accept or give away accounts as a present. Each account is assigned to one person only and this person may not pass on the account to somebody else. Statements like, e.g. "I'm selling a level 30 knight", "I trade my sorcerer on Antica for a sorcerer on Nova" or "I'm buying a paladin" - whether in the game or on a website - will lead to a punishment of your account. The same is true for a comment like "New Owner" on your account or character information.

Account sharing:
An account should always be used by one person only. Only the person that created an account is allowed to use it. It is unfair towards other players if a group of several people shares one character e.g. to be online 24 hours a day. Moreover, you will be held responsible for everything that happens on your character. So if your brother violates a MasterCores Rule with one of your characters while you are in the bathroom, you will have to deal with the punishment.
Sharing your account data with another person is not only against the rules, but also a high security risk for your account. It is actually one of the most wide-spread reasons why a player loses his account. What if you suddenly got into a serious argument with a person that you consider your friend and who you are sharing your account with? Or what if one of your friends suddenly decides that he would like to play your shared character alone and takes over your account before you can react? Account sharing is not worth the risk, which is why you should never do it. Besides, it can as well lead to an account punishment.

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