May 03 2019
Tomorrow, May 4, MasterCores will receive this years summer update. exact time is unknown but it will happen as early as possible during the day.
Apr 26 2019
The planned summer update will happen somewhere in May.
Apr 24 2019
Purchases made with PayGol yesterday during the domain-downtime have been corrected and points/logs have been added to the affected accounts.
Apr 15 2019
Today we had a little incident with a firewall in Gamora which caused the world to disconnect and block all connection for a few moments. The issue was resolved and Gamora is now back online.
Mar 31 2019
Today the time was changed from winter to summer time. (time moved forward 1 hour), which means server-saves will be happening 1 hour earlier from now on (10:00 CEST instead of 10:00 CET).
Changelog: Latest entry was made 2 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 11 days ago.
InfoReq LevelStartedEnd
You can only vote once per account and IP address30October 16th 2018, 18:04 CESTOctober 21st 2018, 23:59 CEST

Modify the yellow skull system?
Yellow Skull System
If a player attack a skulled players that didn't first attack them, they will gain a yellow skull visible for everyone.
Anyone can attack and kill a yellow skulled player without getting a frag.

Info found here: MasterCores -About#pvp.

What's your opinion about it?
Results (155 votes)
Keep it like it is now!
12.3% (19 votes)
Make yellow skull only visible for a 2/3 level range to prevent power abusing.
7.1% (11 votes)
I prefer a traditional PVP system.
(There yellow skull is only visible for the white/red skulled player you attacked that didn't attack you first.)
80.0% (124 votes)
I don't know.
0.6% (1 votes)

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