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Jan 25 2021
Today we released client version 1.59, if you're using Windows client it will automatically download itself. If you use other kind of client you may need to download the latest version!
Nov 09 2020
2 days of golden account have been given out as compensation for the connection issues of late.
Oct 23 2020
Today at 12:30 CEST we had an extra server-save with update (game only) to address the rare freeze problems hoping to remove most if not all kind of freezes that rarely happens to few people.
Oct 16 2020
A problem causing shop-points not to update after paypal purchases in the client have been patched and should now update correctly.
Oct 15 2020
Today we released client version 1.52. if you're using windows client it will automatically download the update, if you use Wine or Linux client you will need to download the update manually.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 4 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 1 day ago.

1 Move the character
There are 3 ways main ways to move your character.
a) Use arrow keys, or by clicking on "Num-Lock" and walk with your number pad instead (1, 9, there 1, 3, 7 and 9 is diagonal walking)
b) left-click on the screen (will cause your character to walk to the place you clicked)
c) right click on the screen (will make your character walk next to it, and attempt to "use" the item you clicked on)

2 Move Items
a) Drag&Drop
In MasterCores, items are moved using "drag&drop". In other words, to move an item you must left-click on it, then pull it on the place you want it to be, holding down the mouse button. The cursor will turn into cross-hairs to help you determine where exactly the item will be placed when you drop it. In the flash client, you will also see a miniature version of the dragged item while moving the cursor around.
If you want your character to take an item, simply drag it onto her backpack and let go of the mouse button. Your character does not have to be placed next to the item you wish her to take, because characters move automatically towards the desired objects they are about to pick up. If you would like to throw an item away, click onto it and drag it onto the game window. The item will be dropped on the spot where you let go of the mouse button. Of course, your character cannot throw items through obstacles like walls. Also, note that heavy items such as furniture can only be moved one field away from your character at a time.

b) Moving Stacks of Items
If you would like to move a stack such as a heap of gold, a small dialog will open up in which you will be asked how many items you would like to move. You can modify the number of items you would like to move by using the slide bar or by typing the amount with the keyboard. There are 2 shortcuts in order to speed up the process of moving stacked items: if you drag the stack while holding down the Shift button, you will only move one stacked item at a time. On the other hand, if you keep your finger on the Ctrl key while you are dragging the items, the whole stack will be moved at once.

c) Moving Wall Decorations
Drag&drop is also used to put up or take down wall decorations such as cuckoo clocks, tapestries and paintings. Simply place your character in front of a suitable wall and drag the decoration onto it. Note, however, that wall decorations may only be put up on walls facing south and east. You cannot place decorations on windows, doors or southeast corner walls. Also, wall decorations may not be placed on walls that are already decorated. Finally, please note that some wall decorations cannot be moved at all.

3 Pushing Creatures
Pushing creatures or characters works just like moving heavy items. Simply left-click onto them, then drag them in the direction you want them to be moved. You will find that after a short delay your target will be moved in the desired direction, provided there is no wall or other obstacle and the creature or character has not moved away in the meantime. Note that your character will skip the next attack if he pushes a creature or character in combat. Also, please note that pushing your own character or another character will be slower than moving to the desired destination normally. Finally, many strong monsters cannot be pushed and often they can also push items or other weak monsters blocking their way.

4 Using Items
Using items is another action that is controlled by right-clicking on the item, Items are used in a manner that is typical for their function - torches will be lit when used, food will be eaten, scrolls can be edited etc.

However, some items must be used on other items, characters or map spots in order to work. To use such items right-click on them. On doing this the mouse pointer will turn into crosshairs. Now move the crosshairs on the item, character or map spot you want to use the item with and left-click to confirm. Typical items that are used this way include ropes, shovels, potions and runes. Also bread, cakes and cookies as well as various drinks can be produced this way. E.g. if you use water on flour, you will get the dough you need to bake the delicious MasterCores bread. Weapons may also be used this way in order to smash many large items such as chairs, chests, etc. Note, however, that each strike only has a limited chance of success, so you may have to hit the target you want to destroy several times. Also, please note that most items cannot be destroyed this way.
If you have items you need to use often such as runes or food, you can make your life in MasterCores much easier by assigning them to hotkeys. Once you have done this, all you need to do is to press the assigned button and the action of your choice will be performed automatically.
All editable items in the game, e.g. blackboards, letters or scrolls, can be read and edited if you use them. Please note that the name of the most recent editor of the item is shown above the input field. Consequently, you will always be able to see who has actually written the text on the item.

5 Look on Items & Creatures
To look on items, creatures or more, simply move your mouse above it, and left + right-click on the same time, and you will get a description of what you're looking at.

6 Attack Creatures & Players
In MasterCores you gain experience by killing creatures, to attack them, you simply right-click on them.
If you're stronger than the monster, you will kill it eventually, and gain certain amount of experience.
If you are weaker than the monster, and risk being killed yourself, there's way to win over the monster anyway, by healing items such as life fluid, or healing runes.
There are even spells that could help you.
Same goes with players, but if you attack a player, you will gain a white skull that will be visible above your character, that means you've attacked a player.
Once you have a white skull, players can attack you without themselves getting any skulls, however you will see them wearing a yellow skull, if they attacked you while you had a white skull, but you never attacked that particularity player.
A white skull last 15 minutes.
If you kill a player that doesn't wear any skull, you will gain something called a frag, a unjustified murder.
If you reach 3 daily, 5 weekly or 10 monthly frags, you will gain a red skull, a red skull will stay on your character for 30 days.
With a redskull, if you die you will lose all items you wear on your character, no matter if you have items that prevent losses on you.
If you continue to kill players and make 5 daily, 10 weekly or 20 monthly frag, you will get banished from the game for a period of time (minimum 7 days).

7 Looting Creatures
Once you have killed a creature, the body will stay on the ground, you can then just right-click on the body to open it, and view the items this creature dropped.

8 Eating
To recover your health and mana points your character must not be hungry.
Simply eat (right-click on food)food such as fish, meat, ham, fruit or whatever you may find, and your health and mana points will slowly keep raising.
You can eat multiple things before you will get the message "You are full" that will make sure you get health and mana as long as possible before you need to eat again.

9 Climbing Ladders and Using Ropes
You can climb ladders by simply right-click on them.
And you can use rope spot by right-click on the rope and left-click on the rope-spot.
And you can walk up stairs by simply walking into them.

10 Vocations
Characters in MasterCores divide into vocations, i.e. character professions. A character's vocation determines his characteristics in many ways. For instance, a knight will quickly surpass any spellcaster in his fighting skills, while magic users such as sorcerers or druids can advance their magic levels further than any paladin or knight can ever hope to reach. There are 4 vocations players can choose from once their character has made level 8:

a) Druids
Druids are pure magic users.
Like sorcerers, they are of weak build, and their weapon skills are rather limited.
But then, what do you need weapons for when you can bring down your enemies with a well-aimed blast of magic? Druids have a good number of offensive spells at their disposals, and an experienced druid with a reasonable magic level can take out enemies as well as any other vocation in MasterCores.
However, even though druids can be fearsome opponents, their magic focuses on different aspects.
Being friends of nature and of everything that lives, druids concentrate on the creative and benevolent side of magic.
Druids are MasterCores's best healers, and their ability to cure others makes them very popular with all other vocations.
Only they know how to create "Ultimate Healing" runes.
Experienced druids are never short of cash because players of other vocations will be happy to pay them good money in exchange for all kinds of useful runes.
Furthermore, players of all vocations appreciate to have a druid around as a life-saver, so druids have an advantage when it comes to making friends.
If you prefer using powerful magic instead of brute force, and if you are also a team player who likes to cooperate with others, you should choose a druid.

b) Knights
Knights are the toughest warriors in MasterCores.
They are strong, resilient, and they know how to wield any melee weapon with fearsome efficiency.
In combat, they are always found in the front line, engaging the mightiest opponents in vicious hand-to-hand fighting.
When they are traveling with others it is usually the knights who charge enemies in order to protect their companions.
Because of their incredible resilience and their skilled use of shields experienced knights are almost impossible to overcome, and even if a battle is lost, it is usually the knights who are the last to fall.
However, for all their prowess in combat knights do have a weakness: knights are comparatively weak when it comes to using magic.
Even though they know how to cast a few spells, their magic is rather basic.
For this reason knights rely on healing runes or more magically gifted characters to heal the wounds they receive in battle.
However, this does not really pose a problem as knights are the best blockers in MasterCores and are therefore welcome in every hunting party.
Furthermore, their ability to amass large amounts of gold is legendary.
Strong as they are, knights can carry immense amounts of items which they can sell for good money in any city, so knights never leave a dungeon with empty hands.
If you are looking for a vocation that is easy to play and to level up, the knight is what you are looking for.

c) Paladins
Paladins, too, are gifted melee fighters.
Their ability to train melee skills is second only to that of knights.
Also, they know how to handle shields very well, and experienced paladins can block most enemies even though they are not as resilient as knights.
The paladins' true strength, however, is their ability to fight at a distance.
Paladins are MasterCores's best archers.
From throwing simple stones to firing crossbows, paladins can learn to handle any distance weapon with deadly accuracy.
A paladin that manages to keep away from his opponents in battle can bring down any enemy.
But there is more to paladins.
They are also magic users of considerable skill who have an impressive range of spells at their disposal.
Even though their magic skill cannot be compared to that of pure magic users such as druids or sorcerers, paladins have access to many additional spells because they can use a large number of runes.
Paladins are the best all-rounders in MasterCores.
If you are looking for a good fighter who can also handle magic rather well, the paladin should be your choice.

d) Sorcerers
Like druids, sorcerers focus on magic use.
Similar to their more peaceful brethren, sorcerers require skill and patience to rise in power because their weapon skills are very limited, and just like druids sorcerers are of weak constitution.
However, sorcerers have great potential.
In fact, due to the offensive nature of their spells sorcerers are perhaps the most deadly of all vocations.
Unlike druids who focus on the creative and benevolent side of magic, sorcerers concentrate on its dark, destructive side, and their spells can become truly devastating in higher levels.
Additionally, only sorcerers can create the notorious "Sudden Death" runes, and only they can learn how to cast the apocalyptic "Ultimate Explosion" spell.
An experienced sorcerer can bring down the mightiest enemies with a wink of his eye, and because of this, sorcerers are a welcome addition to any hunting party.
If it is deadly power you are looking for, you should go for a sorcerer.

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