Feb 20 2019
All 10 spots of tutors have been filled and Tutor exam requirement has been set back from 27/30 to 30/30 to pass the test!
Feb 20 2019
MasterCores is in need of tutors ASAP, therefor the score to pass the tutor exam has been lowered from 30/30 to 27/30 and all previous test have been removed, the allowance of 3 invalid answers will remain until MasterCores has reached 10 tutors, after that the requirement is set back to full 30/30 score.
Feb 18 2019
Character Transfers has now been opened in NON-PVP worlds.
Feb 01 2019
Canera is now back online after an issue at the hosting company that caused the dedicated not to reply to anything.
Dec 31 2018
Happy new year everyone! We hope that you'll have a good time and look forward to 2019!
Changelog: Latest entry was made 9 hours ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 19 hours ago.
Character Information
NameAtr Perro
Last LoginMarch 18th 2019, 18:14 CET

Account Information
CreatedDecember 15th 2018, 18:04 CET
StatusNormal Account

Character Quests
NameRewardView all quests >>
Annihilator Quest One out of: demon armor, magic sword, stonecutter axe, present with annihilation bear
Behemoth Quest demon shield, golden armor, guardian halberd, platinum amulet, life ring, crystal ring, 3 Small diamonds, 4 small sapphires
Deeper Heimdir Quest backpack containing 5x sudden death rune, 10x ultimate healing rune, 15x avalanche rune, 20x stalagmite rune. and one out of: mythical crossbow, robe of masters, spellbook of lords, axe of the lord, club of the lord, sword of the lord.
Demon Helmet Quest demon helmet, demon shield, steel boots
The Ancient Tombs Quest helmet of the ancients
The Desert Dungeon Quest 100 platinum coins and a green bag with: protection amulet, ring of healing, magic light wand and ankh.
The Pits of Inferno Quest backpack of holding, pair of soft boots, stuffed dragon, frozen starlight, Uh rune(10x), Sd rune(10x), Explosion rune(30x), Hmm rune(50x), one of warmasters armor, archer armor, magicians armor

Exp History
Yesterday 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days Best Ever
-53998 --71779 -41105 0 0 0 0 +212,250

Character Deaths
March 18th 2019, 03:38 CETKilled at level 28 by Pally Two (unjustified)
March 18th 2019, 03:37 CETKilled at level 28 by Pally Two (unjustified)
March 18th 2019, 03:29 CETKilled at level 29 by Pally One (unjustified)
March 18th 2019, 03:28 CETKilled at level 30 by Pally One (unjustified)
March 18th 2019, 03:12 CETKilled at level 31 by Crossfiteiro, assisted by Hamturd, (unjustified)
March 17th 2019, 21:19 CETKilled at level 32 by Minotaur Archer of Nannar, (unjustified)
March 17th 2019, 21:16 CETKilled at level 32 by Minotaur Archer of Nannar, (unjustified)
March 16th 2019, 21:21 CETKilled at level 33 by Minotaur Archer of Nannar, (unjustified)
March 16th 2019, 21:19 CETKilled at level 34 by Minotaur Archer of Nannar, (unjustified)
March 16th 2019, 21:14 CETKilled at level 35 by Minotaur Archer of Dimas Rasta, (unjustified)
March 16th 2019, 21:00 CETKilled at level 36 by Exfoliator, assisted by Old'Bigo, (unjustified)
March 16th 2019, 20:55 CETKilled at level 37 by Exfoliator (unjustified)
March 16th 2019, 03:49 CETKilled at level 38 by Druidin (justified)
March 15th 2019, 21:18 CETKilled at level 39 by Filho Do Punio (unjustified)

Character List
Atr Perro27SorcererDemeraonline

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