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Sep 18 2020
The testing of the new worlds (Calera, Dura, Honera) has ended and official countdowns and news about the new worlds have been started!
Aug 26 2020
Today we merged Janera into Azera, and Kanera into Benera.
Aug 22 2020
2 days of golden account have been given out to everyone so they have a chance to move their depot items from golden account cities to free account cities!
Jul 05 2020
World Transfers has now opened all worlds!
May 07 2020
An issue that caused website not to update itself in certain places was fixed today.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 23 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 75 days ago.
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Experience Share
When you're in party, you're automatically sharing with everyone in your party that fulfill the requirements.

To share experience, you must be at least 60% of the level of the one who killed the creature, just as the killer must be at least 60% of your level.
You also need to have attacked an creature recently.

You get 20% bonus while sharing experience with other players.
You get 30% bonus if there's at least 2 vocations in the part.
You get 60% bonus if there's 3 vocations in your party.
And you get 100% extra experience if all vocations are sharing in same party.
Normal 2x-0.8x rate
Launches in
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