MasterCores is currently on a Test-Phase. During this test-phase the game will be 5 times as fast. (85x - 4x exp during Test)
Official launch is set to happen around September/October 2018.
Please understand that during the Test-Phase both Game and Website is still being worked on and certain things may change.
Jul 01 2018
For a moment you were unable to create accounts due to a small issue, the problem has been resolved and you can create accounts again!
Jun 14 2018
Due to a problem with the client 1.06 the version was backed down to 1.05, however all fixed for 1.06 still applies.
May 30 2018
Having client problems? read the information below the client in downloads, you'll need to install some missing stuffs.
May 30 2018
Please keep in mind that spells need to be bought, "utevo lux" and "exura" is free, but other costs. So you calculate that when collecting money and making plans.
May 30 2018
Raids will be disabled until the server-save of May 31 for security of players.