MasterCores -
Nov 16 2018
Tomorrow (Saturday) around 12:00 CET there will be an additional server-save for an update, that include mentions in changelog but also few corrections for the new antibot system (it's being tested ingame already but without punishments of it's own). If all the analyze data gathered from the worlds during entire Sunday is at 100.00% without a single mistake, it will go live on Server-Save of Sunday.
Nov 11 2018
Due to a detection glitch in a new (not deletion active) antibot detection system Azera crashed earlier today. Due to this 2 days of golden account was added to all accounts of MasterCores.
Nov 11 2018
A detection tool has went rouge and detected proxies as bots, this has been fixed and the 8 accounts deleted due to it have been un-deleted.
Nov 05 2018
The datacenter of Demera is currently having some connection issues, they are working to solve the problem ASAP.
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