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January 27, 2018, 19:00 CET
Yes.. progress is still ongoing!

Progress of MasterCores are still being made on daily basis.
Currently our focus lies on the client and anti-bot measures.
We will not allow any kind of cheats and MasterCores, our goal is to make it close to impossible making a bot for the client, and for those who succeed, severe punishments with automatic detections.

MasterCores will be one of the most clean games you've ever seen.

The plans of Test-release in the spring is still being aimed for.

December 11, 2017, 20:30 CET
Progress and future plans

We don't want to rush MasterCores, it has to be perfect in every aspect, therefor MasterCores will take little longer than expected.
The current plan is to launch a full-scale beta in the early 2018, and run the test-server as long as to after summer 2018.
And then.. finnaly.. full scale launching the real game once summer is finished and people have time to play games again.

As for today, we're still running a lot of techincal tests in favor of MasterCores.

Meanwhile you're waiting for MasterCores we might interest you in some of our other servers: -American hosted 7.4 highrate with a lot of custom monsters/areas, online since 2013, reset once/twice every year. -Same as DarkOT, just located in Europe, Launching January 5.

Those servers might not be as good quality as MasterCores will be, but people find them very interesting and fun to play due to the 7.4 style but with a modern twist.
November 7, 2017, 15:10 CEST
Hiring Client Developer

MasterCores are currently looking for a client developer to hire.


If you think you got what it takes, send an application to:

October 15, 2017, 12:30 CEST
Update for viewers, part 2

The progress of MasterCores is ongoing.
What exactly is going on can't be shared yet (due to competing servers).
But whatever we're doing now, will blow your mind!

Anyhow, point is.. the progress is not at idle, MasterCores gets more and more ready for every day that passes!
September 28, 2017, 11:20 CEST
Update for viewers

We are right now working on some technical experiments for MasterCores.
These are experiments in stability, security and performance.

Experiments like these take a lot of time and attention, why the project right now looks idle.
These kind of experiments are being performed to make MasterCores as smooth as possible even during cyber-attacks and other bad things that may go wrong.

September 14, 2017, 18:45 CEST
MasterCores are now looking for people to work with advertisements

We are in need of people experienced with making:
We are also looking for an advertisement manager.
As an ad-manager your work is just to publish things about MasterCores and generally advertising it at several places.

We are taking applications to our temporarily inbox at

September 1, 2017, 12:00 CEST
In a near future, we'll be needing more testers for a more open-test.
Stay tune for more information.

August 28, 2017, 14:10 CEST
MasterCores are currently looking for testers for a closed test-server.
As a tester you will be testing the brand new client and the anti-bot measures it has, and also try out the game play.
You will be able to report anything from ingame with a simple command that will be explained before you start.

Before you start to test, you will need to share your computer settings with Marcus.
Such as operation system, bit system, CPU/RAM/Graphical hardware/softwares and antivirus program and version.
This information wont be shared with anyone else, they're just meant to analyze the client and the abilities it has to run on different systems.
If you feel insecure sharing any of those information, you are sadly excluded from the closed testing and have to wait for the open-test.

Requierments: We take applications in our temporarily inbox at
This inbox will be closed when all spots has been filled.

Spots Open:
0 left /10
Closed-Test of MasterCores is currently active

The legendary MasterCores coming back for autumn 2017!
with the original staff
| Marcus | Znote |

Have you heard of us? do you remember that MasterCores was the worlds first successful 7.4 server?
You know.. The one that really deleted botters and still grew more popular than any other server!
MasterCores was not only the first fully working 7.4 server, it was titled as one of the worlds most successful OTs in 2012!

If you don't remember.. let me remind you with some videos from 2012.