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[Read Me] Creating a Valid Support Ticket
Thread in Chit Chat started by GM Laylee, December 19th 2018, 22:54 CEST
GM Laylee


November 2018

1.  Providing Referential Evidence - Screenshots

When providing some sort of evidence for a support ticket you must take into consideration that simple copy and pasted text from your game client will not do, this is because that text can easily be manipulated and changed to any players liking making our job as Gamemasters and Community Managers very hard, which in most cases just result in no response from staff.

Players can use GYAZO , and IMGUR (Photo Upload Websites) to provide screenshots, however note that your personal screenshots provided to the MasterCores Staff are only used as a reference for their investigations!  Screenshots are not actual acceptable forms of evidence but do serve their purpose and can help in some cases.

When providing referential evidence we will expect full screenshots of your game-client so that we may assess the situation and conduct a proper investigation to determine what punishments are required for each situation, note that each situation may vary and so will the punishments.  Sometimes there may not be a punishment laid for reasons that will be explained by that particular MasterCores Staff Member in the ticket as a formal response.

2.  Valid Support Tickets

There are many ways to go about creating a valid support ticket, but I will create a quick template on how one should actually look below, please try to use this template or create your own, it does not have to be perfect but it must be legible and follow the guide lines I have mentioned above. Remember that you do not need to include the description of the rule that these players are violating just the actual rule number/letter (ex. Rule 2a), gamemasters and community managers are well aware of the rules list and how to go about issuing punishments regarding their violation.

Title:  (INSERTPLAYERNAMEHERE) has broken rules 2c, and 3e


I would like to inform the mastercores staff that this player has been advertising that he is selling runes for real world currency (eg. Runes for USD/CAD/EURO/ETC)

(Paste Screenshot Link Here)

Thank you for listening, have a good day!

Title:  (INSERTPLAYERNAMEHERE) has broken rules 1a, 2a, and 2b


I have come across a player who has a name that directly insults me, and he has been spamming game chat, advertising, and help chat with his offensive statements directed at me.  I have provided a screenshot below that may be of use to you to resolve this ticket, can you please help?

(Paste Screenshot Link Here)

Thank you for reading and have a good day!

Title:  (INSERTPLAYERNAMEHERE) has broken rule 6d!


I have come across a concerning issue, there are a group of players who are constantly disrupting my gameplay and luring monsters to various locations around the MasterCores map.  They have also been harassing me and my friends for some time now telling us that we should leave the server/game because they control the server and refuse to let me and a wide group of players progress.  I have provided a screenshot below detailing their destructive behavior, I hope something can be done about this matter.

(Paste Screenshot Link Here)

Thank you!

Now with the wisdom I have provided, we hope to see more tickets posted in this manner.
Have a good day, and may the Justice be with you all!

The MasterCores Staff

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