Oct 04 2019
It's less than an hour left for Irida to come online and character creations of Irida has opened!
Sep 20 2019
MasterCores are in need of active tutors for the new world, which is why we now have lowered the delay between each exam to 12 hours, and the correct answer score to 25/30.
Tutor exam will continue with these settings until Sunday.
Aug 10 2019
Character world transfers of Hirana has been opened!
Aug 03 2019
Due to an issue with the update an additional save was necessary to correct mistakes, due to the additional downtime everyone have been compensated with 2 days of golden accounts which has already been added to everyones accounts.
Jun 24 2019
Due to an update-mistake today at 10:00 CEST the game had to go offline for 2 minutes to correct the faulty update. All accounts have been compensated with 1 day of golden account.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 16 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 33 days ago.

Avg dmg/2 sec:1,229 hp
Max Combo:4,200 hp
Abilities:melee, manadrain, strength, fire, energy, healing, paralyze,
Mana Cost:-

Sounds:"PRAISED BE MY MASTERS, THE RUTHLESS SEVEN!", "YOU ARE DOOMED!", "ORSHABAAL IS BACK!", "Be prepared for the day my masters will come for you!", "SOULS FOR ORSHABAAL!",
Immunities:energy, fire, poison, lifedrain, paralyze, outfit, drunk, invisible,


They Carry: (common, semi-rare, rare, very-rare)
backpack, demon horn, platinum coin, ultimate healing rune, boots of haste, demon shield, orb, crystal necklace, ring of healing, green gem, protection amulet, small amethyst, platinum amulet, stealth ring, small emerald, might ring, crystal ball, devil helmet, blue gem, purple tome, stone skin amulet, golden mug, gold ring, small diamond, teddy bear, silver amulet, small sapphire, dragon hammer, skull staff, life crystal, black pearl, white pearl, mind stone, giant sword, golden sickle, magic lightwand, talon, silver dagger, golden legs, crystal ring, mastermind shield, double axe, fire axe, ice rapier, magic plate armor, ring of the sky, a strange symbol, energy ring, gold coin, ancient amulet, thunder hammer, two handed sword, king doll,

Avg NPC Loot Value: 127,511 gp

New PVP World
Irida (Germany)
is now:
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