Feb 18 2020
Beware, Somewhere in March, we're going to need to shut down entire MasterCores for a couple of days for extended maintenance work and upgrading the whole game, website and client to be as smooth, strong and protected as RetroCores.com is!
Other than that, there's not any changes in the game as how to play it, rates or anything about it, the update is ONLY about smoothness, stability and defenses against attacks.
Jan 06 2020
Iridia has now open world transfers.
Nov 01 2019
Elana is back online after some host issues that caused it to go offline during the night.
Oct 04 2019
It's less than an hour left for Irida to come online and character creations of Irida has opened!
Sep 20 2019
MasterCores are in need of active tutors for the new world, which is why we now have lowered the delay between each exam to 12 hours, and the correct answer score to 25/30.
Tutor exam will continue with these settings until Sunday.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 120 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 155 days ago.

This guild has 12 members

Guild Information
An inclusive Fidian guild - feel free to message any of our members for help with items, quests and anything else :)

Message of the Day:
This guild was founded on June 5th 2019, 18:12 CEST

RankNameTitleJoining dateStatus
Big BossAgricultor
Level 294, Master Sorcerer
Headshot June 5th 2019, 18:12 CESToffline
BallerGeared Bruh
Level 159, Master Sorcerer
Notorious June 5th 2019, 23:42 CESToffline
Vice LeaderLula Molusco
Level 199, Druid
July 18th 2019, 23:31 CESToffline
Level 8, Master Sorcerer
November 25th 2019, 14:27 CEToffline
Vice LeaderHerb Fields
Level 166, Sorcerer
Maryjane June 6th 2019, 02:22 CESToffline
Level 302, Elite Knight
December 18th 2019, 17:25 CEToffline
Level 122, Sorcerer
Nig Bigga August 2nd 2019, 22:02 CESToffline
Level 164, Knight
June 21st 2019, 13:51 CESToffline
MercenaryRoyal Paki
Level 119, Paladin
Real Paki June 6th 2019, 02:42 CESToffline
Lare Eterno
Level 211, Paladin
August 3rd 2019, 04:08 CESToffline
Level 146, Elite Knight
Eat Me June 30th 2019, 06:46 CESToffline
Level 131, Sorcerer
Survivor June 8th 2019, 14:00 CESToffline

NameInvited at
Level 168, Druid
June 30th 2019, 00:39 CEST


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